4 Reasons Why NOW is the Best Time to Build a Website

1 Credibility & Trust

Having a website is today’s equivalent of being listed in the Yellow Pages. Back in the day, if a potential customer were to do a quick look-up in the Yellow Pages, and just so happened to stumble upon your company details, in their eyes you would be seen as credible. If you’re just starting out, having a Facebook page for your business is a good place to begin, but sooner or later you’ll need a website if you want your business to appear legitimate and trustworthy to an ocean of skeptical browsers. Having an active (and interactive!), regularly-updated website is a sure way to appear trustworthy – it shows that you’re present, invested and reachable.

2 Ensure You’re Findable

These days, it’s more likely you use the Yellow Pages as a doorstop than to actually search for important information. Research points to the fact that about 90% of people now use the internet when they need specific information or details. What does this mean for you? Well, if your business isn’t ‘listed’ online (i.e. doesn’t have a website or online presence), you’ll be missing countless opportunities for people to be exposed to your product or services. Make sure you’re findable online – your success depends on it.

3 Competitive Edge

A survey commissioned by GoDaddy (and conducted by RedShift Research) indicated that, in 2015, 59% of small businesses worldwide still do not have their own website. This means that if your small business does have a website, you’re already putting yourself ahead of your competitors! Basically, you can’t afford not to have a website in today’s digital jungle.

4 Anyone Can Do It

Every year, having your own website becomes more necessary. Thankfully, creating your own website or having one set up for you also becomes easier. Whether you do it yourself or enlist the help of a professional, it shouldn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Web design is a competitive industry, which means that your options are endless. Do your research – don’t pay through the nose and don’t settle for sub-par work. Find the option that suits your business the best and invest in this incredible, essential and versatile tool. It’ll be the best thing you can do for your business this year.

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