Digital Marketing Revolution

We’re not denying that there is still a place in this world for traditional marketing. However, without the support of a strong digital marketing campaign or an online presence, it’s a lot harder to get ahead. Many companies today ignore traditional methods entirely, opting to promote their business online only; others use digital marketing in [...]

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HootSuite: Your Social Media Lifeboat

Drowning in a Sea of Social Media? Learn How to Ride the Wave! Most businesses today are connected to Social Media in some way or other way. Some to the extent that they have a Facebook page, others to the point that they can’t keep track of the different accounts they’re linked to. When you [...]

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The 6 Keys to Online Shopping Success

The Psychology Behind Online-Shopping Trying to understand and predict consumer behaviour is a tall order, yet understanding your customers is the key to any e-commerce success. While this has proven to be an incredibly difficult endeavour, certain online tools now make it possible to track shoppers’ behaviour more effectively and accurately. Slowly but surely, it [...]

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