‘Tis the Season to Save Kittens!

How We Got Involved

Our Managing Director, Chelsea Lotz, is a self-proclaimed ‘crazy cat lady’ – one of her passions in life is rescuing animals – cats in particular. She has two beautiful rescue cats of her own (Ninja & Lulu), and part of her life mission is to see less strays and abandoned kittens on the street. When Chelsea heard about the Kitten Cottage, their story pulled on her heartstrings BIG time, and she knew she had to get involved…

The Importance of Social-Responsibility

NGOs and charitable organisations are not often in the financial position to afford professionally designed websites.

Although having a website may not seem like a priority to many organisations – who have so many other factors to consider when it comes to their budgets – the fact is that a website is a vital tool in generating supporters, followers, donors and volunteers.

It is also crucial for any company – whether or not they are an NGO –  to have a strong online presence and to be FINDABLE if they are searched for online.

That’s Where We Come in:

Because we feel strongly about this, we decided to put our money where our mouth is by donating a website to an organisation that we felt needed a helping hand.

Lots & Lotz selected the Kitten Cottage, a non-profit kitten-rescue organisation run by a one-man team, Paulette Doo. Paulette works tirelessly to rescue kittens left abandoned on the streets; she nurses them back to health and then goes to extreme lengths to make sure each kitten finds the perfect loving home. Paulette is doing our community a huge service, as well as saving the lives of kittens who would otherwise have little to no chance of survival.

Click here to view the Kitten Cottage website.


The Kittens of Cape Town Are Thrilled!

In the first month of launching their website, the Kitten Cottage received 6259 visits to their site, as well as donations and numerous eager volunteers offering their assistance. The Kitten Cottage’s online presence is now stronger than ever, and the website itself has allowed people to make donations via PayPal and to view the Kitten Cottage’s ever growing wish-list. Paulette has seen an increase in food donations, and has managed to use the site as a functional platform to generate all kinds of contributions towards her organisation. (Recently, another company – Allscale – donated a platform and a kitchen scale to the Kitten Cottage worth more than R4000! Click here to read more.)

Our Gift to them included:

Full Corporate Identity Design

  • Logo Design
  • Business cards
  • Email Signature
  • Letterhead design

Full Website Design & PayFast donation portal.


We are thrilled to see how the website has generated a wider and more interactive following for the Kitten Cottage; we hope that other organisations will see this as encouragement and will consider the difference having an online presence can make for them, too.

Please get in touch if you know of similar organisations in need of a website. (Click here.)

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